A7200.15 Recycling


Type: Administrative
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In compliance with the spirit of Public Act 86-1360, the Recycling Act of Illinois, the College is committed to the overall improvement of the environment. The College’s comprehensive ten-year plan for waste reduction will be reviewed on an annual basis, and needed changes in policy will be recommended to the Board of Trustees. Forty percent (40%) of all campus solid waste must be recycled. The College will maintain adequate recycling bins located at strategic points on campus to ensure easy access for depositing of waste by students and staff.

The recycling program will be administered through the office of the Chief Financial Officer. The CFO will not discriminate against the procurement of recycled-content products.  Products with recycled content shall be procured wherever and whenever cost, specifications, standards and availability are comparable to products without recycled content.

New Policy:  July 2016


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