A3200.20 Student Eligibility Code Contd.


Type: Administrative
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Students with a high school diploma (recognized by a state) or a high school equivalency will be assumed to have the ability to benefit from college level work, and will be allowed to register for classes as a regular student in a regular curriculum (program). Proof of the diploma or high school equivalency is required to be on file in the Admissions Office. Students not having a high school diploma or high school equivalency will not be allowed to enroll in a regular curriculum, and, therefore, will not be eligible to receive Title IV financial aid. Every new student enrolling at Shawnee Community College is required to take the college placement test, which measures language usage, reading, and numerical skills. Transfer Students may satisfy Math/English proficiency via transfer credit. Students seeking college-level coursework who do not meet the minimum high school subject requirements and do not score at the minimum levels on the college placement test will be allowed to take classes identified by individual course demands. Financial aid will be paid based on financial aid regulations.

 (Reviewing authority – Shawnee Community College – College Council)


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