A4300.45 Absence Due to Inclement Weather


Type: Administrative
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To ensure consistency in reporting absenteeism during inclement weather periods, the following provisions will be followed:  If the college is closed because of weather, the non-exempt, full-time employee’s time card will designate the date as “College Closing” and will be given credit for eight (8) hours worked.

If the President authorizes a shortening of hours because of existing or anticipated inclement weather, the full-time employees time in attendance system would show “College closing” with a credit of eight (8) hours worked.

An employee who is unable to report due to inclement weather during the ours or portions of days that SCC is open will have the following options:

  • Vacation, personal leave or comp time may be used.
  • Employees who don’t have any available time to use stated above, would take the time unpaid.

New Policy:  July 2016


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