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Definition and Explanation of Part‑Time Faculty Status

Part‑time faculty are those faculty who teach twelve (12) equated hours or less each fall and spring semester, six (6) equated hours or less each summer semester on a non‑continuing basis or, in the case of adult education, public service and special training instructors, those who teach less than thirty (30) contact hours per week.  Appointments are for a limited and specified period of time one semester or less only and any hours taught under the category of part‑time faculty will not apply toward any permanent status with the College.  Instructional assignments of part‑time faculty depend on sufficient enrollment that will not be verified until registration is completed.

Faculty and adjunct faculty members have the expectation that for every hour spent teaching in the classroom, an additional 1.25 hour is spent outside of the classroom in preparation for teaching as well as grading, assessing student work, and working with students, etc.



  • Baccalaureate Courses: Master’s degree with eighteen (18) graduate hours appropriate to the academic field of study or discipline in which they are teaching is required. A master’s degree in the appropriate discipline is preferred.  
  • Career and Technical Courses: A bachelor’s degree with preparation in a specific career field or a combination of education, training, and experience with a minimum of 2,000 hours of work experience is required.
  • Acceptable Coursework: All undergraduate coursework must be earned from a regionally accredited institution in courses associated with the discipline in which the instructor will teach. All graduate coursework must be earned from a regionally accredited institution in courses at the graduate level in either the specific discipline or professional education studies.


Duties and Responsibilities

Part‑time faculty are directly responsible to the Vice President of Academic Affairs or his/her designee.

Duties and responsibilities are as follows:

  1. To teach classes assigned by the appropriate Vice-President or the President consistent with stated course objectives and to meet all classes in accordance with the published times for said classes.
  2. To observe, support, and enforce the regulations, policies, and programs of the College.
  3. To represent the College creditably with respect to any of its activities.
  4. To fulfill all terms of the notice of employment unless, through mutual agreement between the College and the individual, an exception is arranged.
  5. To perform other professional duties as assigned by the appropriate Vice-President or the President.


Employment Rights and Limitations

Full‑time teaching employees have, in addition to their classroom instruction, other teaching duties and responsibilities that are not required of part‑time faculty such as the responsibility to prepare standard course outlines and duties related to standing and special committee assignments.

Part‑time instructors are not entitled to the same employment rights granted full‑time teaching faculty.  They shall serve at the pleasure of the Board of Trustees under terms of their individual employment contract.


Part‑Time Faculty Teaching Salary

Unless otherwise approved by the Board of Trustees, all part‑time adult education, public service, and training instructors will be paid on a per contact basis at a rate approved by the Board of Trustees.  A schedule of current pay rates is included in the appendix to the Board Policy Manual.



When a part‑time academic, vocational or continuing education instructor is absent from a teaching assignment because of illness or other causes, he/she will not be compensated for the instruction missed, unless the circumstances prohibit the College from employing a substitute to replace the instructor.


Pay for Substitute Teaching

Substitute teachers for baccalaureate, vocational and/or continuing education classes will be paid on a pro-rated amount based upon the part-time salary rate that is determined annually by the Board of Trustees.



All contracts for part‑time teaching assignments will be issued at the time assignments are made and prior to the first class meeting.   The contract will be for only a limited and specified time period and the College assumes no contractual obligation for subsequent employment beyond the dates indicated on the contract as issued.  Part‑time contracts must be signed and returned before the first scheduled class meeting.  If the College decides to cancel all of the tentative scheduled classes on the contract, the contractual obligation will be determined by the contract between the College and the instructor.


Class Assignments

Tentative assignments of part‑time faculty shall be made by the Vice-President of Instructional Services.

The instructor shall meet all scheduled class(es).  The Vice-President of Academic Affairs shall decide if sufficient enrollment exists to justify offering the course before or after the first class meeting.


Part‑Time Teaching Load

Part‑time faculty at Shawnee Community College may teach no more than twelve (12) equated hours per semester or, if employed on a per‑contact hour basis, no more than twenty-nine (29) hours per week.

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