A4000.15 Conduct and Appearance


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The reputation of Shawnee Community College in the district is reflected by one’s attitude toward students, staff, and visitors with whom they come in daily contact.  Personal conduct should be in keeping with the highest standards and ideals with which SCC is operated.  Regardless of the position, it is important to remember that good manners, appropriate dress, and a willing, cooperative attitude are expected as part of the job.

An individual’s personal appearance on the job reflects the image of Shawnee Community College.   Employees are expected to care enough about themselves and their position to be neat and well-groomed at all times on the job.  Inappropriate or unclean clothes detract from SCC’s image and cannot be allowed.  Employees should dress in a manner appropriate to their position or job category.  Jeans and shorts are not acceptable dress unless approved by the President for a special purpose or event.

New Policy:  July 2016


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