A4000.25 In-House Professional Development


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In-house Professional Development Units (PDU) will be offered to full-time employees various times throughout each semester.   All in-house professional development opportunities that qualify for a PDU will be pre-approved through the Professional Development Committee and have the final approval of the President.

Full-time employees participating in in-house professional development will be responsible for maintaining an individual In-House Professional Development Training Sheet.  The sheet will be used for comparison with attendance sheets from each training event.

An attendance sheet will be available at all approved PDU events.   Opportunities for In-House Professional Development Units will generally be available in one (1) contact hour increments.  One (1) PDU is equal to one (1) contact hour.

Full-time employees will receive a $50 stipend for successful completion of seven (7) PDUs within a semester, with a fourteen (14) PDU maximum per semester.  Completion of seven (7) PDUs will be verified by submitting an enrollment for IND 195 In-House Professional Development.  The enrollment form will be signed and verified by the Chairperson of the Professional Development Committee.  Payment will be made within a month following the successful completion of seven (7) PDUs.


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