A5600.00 Grants Administration


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The Business Office is responsible for monitoring public and private grant projects in close coordination and cooperation with all appropriate persons at the College.  All grants and projects from governmental and private sources shall be applied for, accepted, and administered according to College policies.

The President of the College is the only person authorized to commit the College to any grant or project or to accept a grant award on behalf of the Board.

All grant funds must conform to agency/program guidelines, College policy, and the agency’s grants administration handbook.  Funds from private or foundation sources must conform to guidelines of the particular organization and with College policy.  Funds shall be spent so that there is neither an over-expenditure nor under-expenditure of the grant award.

The grant application and approval process must conform to the guidelines in the agency’s grants administration handbook.  All grant applications and approvals must be on file in the Business Office.

The Business Office is responsible for monitoring the progress and status of all grants in close coordination with the College Vice-Presidents, Deans, and directors who have direct responsibility for specific grants.  He/she shall maintain copies of all grant guidelines and reports that are required for an audit. 

Each Grant Administrator is responsible for insuring all of the necessary financial information to the Accounting Office on a timely basis.  Line items in federal grants must not be overspent.   All purchase requests, purchase orders, and invoices must be coded with the grant budget number.  Grant administrators will be furnished with up-to-date budget information.  Financial reporting for federal grants is a cooperative venture between the grant administrators and the Accounting Office.

Revised:  July 2016


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