A5000.55 Debt Collection


Type: Administrative
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The Chief Financial Officer should make all efforts possible to collect debts owed to the College by any person. After reasonable attempts have been made to collect a debt, the Business Office should use all methods available to it, including a collection agency if necessary.  Regardless of assignment, ultimate authority for all debt collection will remain with the Chief Financial Officer.

The Board of Trustees authorizes the College Treasurer to allow qualifying Pell eligible students to carry forward prior balances as allowed by the Department of Education in the Federal Student Aid (FSA) handbook. The Board of Trustees also authorizes the College Treasurer to write-off any balances. The Treasurer is also authorized to write-off balances due to bankruptcy proceedings.

Unless approved as stated above, students in debt to Shawnee Community College for any amount will not be allowed to register and retain scheduled classes. Transcripts will be withheld.

Revised:  July 2016, March 2017


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