A5500.05 Disposal of Surplus Equipment


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Any individual who wishes to dispose of obsolete equipment shall complete a “request for disposing of Shawnee Community College equipment” (a supply of forms is available in the Business Office) and submit it to the supervisor.

The request must be approved by the appropriate persons before being submitted to the Business Office.  Approval of the President is required for disposal of equipment having an original purchase price of $2,500 or less.  Any equipment having an original purchase price of $2,500 or less which the President authorized for disposal shall be reported to the Board of Trustees.  Board approval is required for those items costing more than $2,500.

Items which are no longer of value to the College will be offered for sale by the Business Office at either an auction or sealed bid sale.  Such items will be listed on a photocopied sheet and distributed to the faculty, staff, board, students, and general public who are interested in bidding on surplus equipment.  Such items will also be advertised in the local newspaper for two (2) consecutive weeks.  Any person wishing to bid on surplus equipment may inspect the equipment.   The President shall have the right to reject any or all bids if he feels the bids received are not in the best interest of the College.

Computers, typewriters, dictating units, or other machines which may be used for trade‑in value on new equipment will not be sold if it is determined that more value could be realized on this basis.

Equipment on which no bids are received may be given to charitable or educational organizations within the district.  Under no circumstances shall any property belonging to the College be given to any employee of the College.

Proceeds from the sale of the equipment will be promptly deposited in total with the Business Office.  A copy of the “Request for Disposal” will also be turned in to the Business Office.

Equipment that has been purchased using federal or state funds requires authorization from the appropriate agency before any equipment is sold or abandoned.  Authorization must be in writing.


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