B2001 Delegation to the President


Policy Type: Board- Delegation of Authority
Responsible: President
Related Policies: B2000, B2002, B2003, B3000, B3001, B3002, B3003, B3004, B3005, B3006, B3007, B3008, B3009, B3010, B3011, B3012, B3013
Linked Procedures: None
Related Laws: 110 ILCS 805/ Illinois Public Community College Act
Related Standards: None
HLC Criterion: 2C52C5 The governing board delegates day-to-day management of the institution to the institution’s administration and expects the institution’s faculty to oversee academic matters.

B2001 Delegation to the President PDF

Policy Statement

The President is the Board’s primary employee and official link to the administration and operation of the College.  The Board will instruct the President through written Strategic Outcome policies and delegate to the President full authority to determine, implement and execute the operational activities to achieve the Strategic Outcomes subject to Executive Limitations. Although the President may delegate operational activities to the College’s employees, the President remains accountable to the Board for operational activities and outcomes.

Thus, the Board:

  1. Acts as a whole in directing the activities of the President through the creation and implementation of Strategic Outcome policies.
  2. Limits the latitude of the President in the execution of Means activities through establishment of Executive Limitation policies.
  3. Authorizes the President to establish all administrative policies, all administrative rules, all guidelines, all procedures, make all decisions, take all actions, establish all practices, and develop all activities using the President’s reasonable interpretation of the Board’s Strategic Outcomes and Executive Limitation policies, as noted in the President Accountability.
  4. May change its Strategic Outcome and Executive Limitation policies, thereby changing the scope of authority delegated to the President.
  5. Respects and supports any President decision that conforms to Strategic Outcome and Executive Limitation policies.
  6. Recognizes that individual directives of Trustees, Board Officers, or Board Committees are not binding on the President.
  7. May authorize, by Board action, a Trustee, Board Officer, or Board Committee to direct the President in rare instances.
  8. Consider a President’s request to waive a Board and/or Administrative policy when it is in the best interest of the College. Waivers shall apply to the specific instance only.

Change Log

Date of Change Description of Change Governance Unit
03-07-22 Initial Adoption Board of Trustees
06-15-23 The term “Means” clarified as “Operational Activities” Board of Trustees